A website that looks well-organised and tidy – from its home page to its contact page and sitemap – helps customers see you and business professional and organised. Don’t underestimate the impact on visitors to your website, update your images and get rid of old news and old content and old images, this will not only freshen your site but will free up your server space too. If you have a webstore go over your pricing too, this can drastically affect your bottom line as christmas grows nearer. Re-evaluate your target market and make sure your website reflects this.
Your website address – is your website address/domain name on all your print? is it on your window? is it on your signage? is it on your business cards?  More than ever now customers are turning to the web to find you so make sure they can by displaying your website address/domain name everywhere. Even on your uniforms and cars.Smarten Up – have you changed your logo? do you need to update it on your website? Do you need to re-evaluate your logo? Is your logo consistent through out your print media, website, emails?

Get Up-to-Date -Check that you are publishing up-to-date material and information, especially when it comes to the prices on all of your marketing literature including: your website, email newsletters, print brochures and flyers.

Seasonal Promotions – Use the colours and images associated with the season to develop promotions, events and special offers in print, on social media or through your website. For Spring It could be a free bouquet of spring flowers, sponsorship of a ‘green charity’ based on a donation from every booking, an offer or giveaway when customers come into your business using a promoted catchphrase, “spring, sweet as….” or similar. Feel your creative marketing buds spring to life!

Springboard Marketing – There are numerous events and festivals in the calendar for spring across New Zealand and if you haven’t already done so, why not look into ways of using these events to promote your own business? Here are a few ideas:

  •     Promote local events on your website home page for a short time to help market your own business off the back of interest / search queries generated by the events.
  •     Ensure you include a link to the event website so people can find more information and use relevant tagging (e.g. if you are an accommodation provider in Auckland, add a title to your promotional paragraph reading ‘Accommodation for the Auckland Blossom Festival’).
  •     Find out if you can advertise your services in marketing material (website, brochures, email newsletters) distributed by event organisers.
  •     Develop an ‘event-special’ with discounted rates for visitors attending the event or booking via your website for a limited time only.

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