Google announced August 6th that HTTPS encryption will benefit your search engine ranking. HTTPS is available only from SSL (Security Certificate). Currently, it is a “lightweight signal” as they allow webmasters to transition to HTTPS. All indications are that SSL will factor in more heavily over time, as sites adjust. This is part of Google’s bigger “HTTPS Everywhere” movement to encourage encryption across the web.

What does this mean?
This essentially means if you use an SSL certificate on your website you will get a Google Search Ranking Boost in your search results in Google.

What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a digital security file that encrypts data sent from a browser to a server. Information it protects includes credit card numbers, passwords, email address, etc. In a nutshell: when you make a purchase from a secured website, the information you send from your browser to its servers is digitally encrypted to ensure hackers can’s access this sensitive information.

Who needs an SSL now? (Take advantage of the new Google boost before your competitor does)
– Ecommerce websites absolutely NOW must have an SSL certificate
– Any website that collects information from visitors like passwords, usernames, email addresses, etc.
– However, with this recent Google update, any website that places an emphasis on SEO should consider adding an SSL certificate.
– Blogs, knowledgebase sites, helpdesks, etc.

How to get an SSL Certificate
Email me tell me your website and I can suggest what you need. The certificate will be bought, validated and installed for you. The SSL certificate needs to be hard coded onto every page if you want an overall improvement of site ranking, therefore, if your site needs extra configuring so the SSL certificate is showing on every link to every page there maybe an extra charge to hard code the links.

We use Comodo SSL Certificates including Private SSL Certificates, Multi-Domain SSL Certificates, Wildcard SSL Certificates, Extended Validation (EV) Certificates and more. As you can see there are several levels of SSL Certificates email me and I can suggest the best level that will suit your business.

So if you want to get ahead and rank better then your competitor then you need to take advantage now and get an SSL Certificate.